Elder Law — Frequently Asked Questions

Elder Law Frequently Asked Questions

Why might I need an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder law attorneys can provide guidance in a number of areas affecting older Americans. Do you know of a loved one or friend being taken advantage of by someone who holds a power of attorney? Is a loved one no longer able to handle his or her financial or personal affairs? Are you worried about rising health care costs and nursing home costs wiping out your life savings in the event that you or your spouse needs long-term care? Are you a wartime veteran or a spouse of one that is depleting your savings on unreimbursed medical expenses? Are you worried about out-living your savings? Do you want to ensure that you are able to leave something to your heirs despite rising health care and nursing facility costs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should consult with a lawyer that specializes Elder Law. 

What service-related benefits are available to wartime veterans and their spouses disabled or over the age of 65?

How much does long-term care cost?

Doesn't Medicare pay for long-term care?

If I or a family member needs long-term care immediately, what are our options?

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Why should I choose an Elder Law Attorney over a Financial Advisor?

When should I engage in elder law planning?

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