New Louisiana Law from the 2011 Regular Session

New Louisiana Law from the 2011 Regular Session

Here are a few highlights of legislation that the Louisiana legislature passed that affect criminal law, family law, public safety, and the environment:

ACT 26:  bans sex offenders from accessing social networking websites when the victim was a minor or the offense was video voyeurism.

ACT 420: bans the manufacture, possession, or us of synthetic marijuana and bath salts.

ACT 336:  extends the boundary of the State of Louisiana and claims for the state all lands and resources underlying the Gulf of Mexico within the boundary.

ACTS 402 and 376:  These acts require all employers to verify the legal status of employees through the federal E-verify system or with a picture ID and additional documentation in order to avoid civil penalties or to bid on public contract work.

ACT 60: requires students to maintain a “C” average to participate in interscholastic athletics.

ACT 193:  requires the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections to deny or cancel the school bus endorsement of anyone convicted of DUI until completion of a substance abuse program.