Protecting your Children through the Custody and Divorce Process

We know how frustrating and scary it can be.  You want to protect your children from the ugly aspects of your divorce and child custody case, but your spouse is hell bent on putting them in the middle, making them chose sides, or worse, turning them against you.

You fear asserting your parental rights and the rights of your children to the guidance and maximum contact with both parents will ratchet up the tension, bitterness and venom from the other parent.  Taking the high road while insisting on the right thing for the children can be a difficult task.  You need help.  You need guidance.  You need a divorce attorney who understands the ins and outs of this battle.

The knowledge and support gained by hiring an experienced child custody attorney can take the fear out of the process, help you deflect the bitterness and manipulation of the other side, and help you stay on that high road for the sake of your children.  A child custody attorney will clarify the law as it relates to your situation, what your true rights are and how the courts will likely apply the law to your circumstances.  A child custody lawyer can help you plan your response to the bitterness and manipulation, guide you through the child custody process, and increase your chances of a favorable outcome for the children.

If you need help with a child custody matter, please call us at 318-255-1760.  We are here to help.  Put Ruston child custody Attorney Shelley Goff’s 25 years of experience negotiating and litigating child custody cases to work for you.

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