Making our office better

We have added a ramp for easy access to our office!

Our building was originally a home. At least 100 years old, it features beautiful hard wood floors, high ceilings and large rooms. It feels cozy and warm and we love it. One thing we didn’t love was that some of our clients had a hard time getting into the building because a hundred years ago accessibility was not built into homes. Instead, they built beautiful concrete steps, including steps to what was our front door. A beautiful archway covered the entry with an arched front door. A nice oak tree and azaleas grew next to the step. The front door, unfortunately led directly into our conference room ( the old living room) and the steps were difficult to maneuver for our senior clients coming to see Add about their estate plan or to discuss how to afford nursing home costs. So we did something crazy. We blasted through the side of that beautiful arch and added a ramp. Then we blasted through the concrete wall and added a new entry door into our reception area. Come see it. Yes, we know it’s still a bit bare, and looks a bit new in comparison to our old building, but it’s a work in progress. This spring we will plant shrubs around the ramp and paint the entry. Now we have a great, easy access ramp for folks who find steps challenging!