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What Life Insurance has to do with Estate Planning

In the estate planning process, life insurance does not appear to affect how assets are disposed of at first glance. However, life insurance can be an integral, indispensably important part of a well-thought-out estate plan. There are numerous other benefits to owning a life insurance policy aside from providing a large sum of money to […]

Why You Should Write a Letter of Intent

There are numerous issues that can be addressed by a letter of intent (LOI), both in the business arena and in more personal contexts. Your LOI is a valuable piece in your estate planning, and although it is an informal letter, it can more fully represent your intentions after you die. Everyone knows they need to […]

Inheritances can be Provided through Charitable Trusts

Inheritances can be Provided through Charitable Trusts An irrevocable trust that provides income to heirs while benefiting you or a charity is a charitable trust. If you are philanthropically minded with nonessential assets like stocks or real estate, a charitable trust can offer many financial advantages for all those involved. Once in place, a charitable trust […]

Achieving Advanced Directives Requires Critical Conversations

It is among the most difficult challenges we will ever have to confront in life to consider our own death. Yet it is very important to think carefully about the medical treatment we would want for that challenging time. Medical technology can now keep us alive long after we have ceased to enjoy meaningful quality of […]

Having an Estate Plan Discussion with Your Spouse

To create an estate plan that meets your family’s needs, you need to speak to your spouse or life partner.  Before meeting with an estate planning attorney, it is best to discuss your ideas to present a united goal. This conversation can be challenging if you and your loved one have different points of view […]

A Nursing Home can be Covered by Medicaid

Remember Medicaid planning doesn’t simply mean meeting strict income and asset limits to qualify for long-term care insurance. You will also need to demonstrate you need the level of care typically provided in a nursing home setting. These health eligibility rules are valid if you apply for nursing home coverage or a Medicaid waiver program […]

The Importance of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney as Soon as Possible

Whether your loved ones are older adults, or you are concerned about your future health and financial well-being, an elder law attorney can help. Elder law is a highly specialized area of law focusing on the legal needs of older adults encompassing more significant issues like long-term health care needs, quality of life, and financial […]

Choosing a Long-Term Care Option for 2022

It’s more crucial than ever to take stock of your life and your healthcare planning at the start of a new year. Americans continue responding to the ever-present threat of COVID-19 in its many iterations, and we are identifying that which is most important in our lives to preserve our health and financial future best. […]

Estate Planning: Six Mistakes to Avoid

You can protect your assets, interests, and the people you love if you plan ahead. Sadly, many individuals make costly mistakes without proper advice and guidance from a qualified estate planning attorney. Beyond undermining your intent and diminishing your financial legacy, poor planning can create additional stress to your heirs in their time of grief. Six […]

The Great Transfer of Generational Wealth

This financial time is unprecedented in human history. Baby boomers preparing to pass on their legacies through estate plans put America at the brink of the largest ever transfer of wealth. Over the next 25 years, projections estimate 68.4 trillion dollars will be in motion to create an unprecedented transfer of generational wealth. The post-WWII economic environment […]