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Avoiding Inheritance Mistakes

Having to cope with the death of a loved one and receiving an inheritance can be an emotional time. The loss of a loved one is sad, but the influx of funds can bring joy or relief. It can be hard to think and plan objectively. After receiving an inheritance, some people are blowing through […]

Special Needs Trust Funding

Funding a special needs trust (SNT) properly ensures your assets get exactly where they need to be. The trustee can then distribute these assets to benefit your disabled loved one. Before any special needs trust funding can happen, you must choose the type of trust that best suits the situation for your special needs child […]

How to Cover the Cost of In-Home Care

We all want to know how to cover the cost of in-home care. It brings up several decisions that need to be made. Including where your home will be. We may ask ourselves, “Am I able to remain in my home independently, or do I need assistance?” If the answer is daily assistance, we have […]

Elder Abuse Prevention

In a perfect world we could believe that our elderly loved ones aren’t being intentionally harmed. However, the truth is that senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to abuse. The National Council on Aging reports that one in ten American seniors (60+) have fallen victim to elder abuse. It […]

I Have a Will, Do I Need an Estate Plan Too?

I Have a Will, Do I Need an Estate Plan Too? 50% of American adults have written a will, and a significant amount of these individuals believe this means they don’t need an estate plan. Although this belief is untrue, it may be the leading reason why only 33% of US adults have an estate […]

Respite Care Working with Caregivers

Caregiving is a selfless duty that offers fulfillment and exhaustion all at once. While many find gratification in caring for others, they must tend to their own lives and responsibilities. Because of this, caregivers typically experience some extent of burnout. To avoid burnout, it is critical for all caregivers to remember to take care of […]

Special Needs Child for Benefit Protection

The futures of children with special needs are at risk because of the unique challenges and opportunities they face. There is no need to disinherit your special needs child for benefit protection. Appropriate medical, educational, recreational, and employment opportunities for your special needs child can result in a lifetime of pursuing public and private programs […]

The Role of the Executor

The Role of the Executor An executor is someone chosen to handle an estate’s assets and affairs after the death of the deceased because they believed you would be trustworthy to do so. Even though the decedent nominated you to be their executor, you will still need to be appointed to that role by their […]

Government Programs for Seniors

AdditioNot knowing government programs for seniors and inflationary pressures are leading to financial insecurity for many US seniors. Besides reducing unnecessary expenses, many retirees or near-retirees should consider contacting the government to see if they qualify for assistance. It can reduce the anxiety many Americans feel living on a fixed income. Government Programs for Seniors […]

Getting to Know Probate

Getting to Know Probate You can minimize or avoid probate entirely by getting to know probate and working with an estate planning attorney. Probate proceedings are part of the public record and can be very time-consuming and expensive. However, in nearly every case, some probate is necessary, so it is important to understand how to […]