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According to the US Census Bureau, more than 51 million Americans are currently aged 65 or older, and the number is steadily increasing while medical and technological advancements are allowing seniors to live longer and better lives than ever before. The expanding needs of the US aging population are contributing to an increase in federal government senior assistance programs complexity and availability. Every senior has a unique set of circumstances that set parameters to navigate
Don’t make these mistakes when thinking about your divorce litigation Don’t try to win at any cost.    Divorce litigation brings out the worse in many people.  Winning at any costs usually means you pay more than the outcome is worth just for revenge.  After 29 years of litigating divorces, we can attest to to the fact that neither side “wins.”  Litigating out of principle usually means you spend a lot of money trying to
How you handle the discussion may well cost you your custody case. A direct quote from a judge this morning:  “If I hear that either party has discussed these proceedings with the child, it will not go well for that parent.” In a hotly contested custody case, it is tempting to try to get the kids to take sides.  The temptation sometimes moves parents to even threaten or punish a child who speaks out about
Unwed fathers have rights, but may need to take steps to enforce those rights. If you are an unwed father, you are not alone.  The number of unwed fathers is growing. Your parental rights are constitutional right. However, enforcement of those rights seem to be automatic ONLY for the biological mother. You not only have a parental rights, but also obligations.  Here are 5 things you need to know about your parental rights. You need

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We have added a ramp for easy access to our office! Our building was originally a home. At least 100 years old, it features beautiful hard wood floors, high ceilings and large rooms. It feels cozy and warm and we love it. One thing we didn’t love was that some of our clients had a hard time getting into the building because a hundred years ago accessibility was not built into homes. Instead, they built

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