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One of the most stressful in life is said to be a divorce.  It will not be easy, but pre-planning and taking some steps before you pull the trigger on the divorce will help lower the stress level. Know what you (both) own and owe. What you own: Inventory your assets.  Include bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, antiques, collections, motor vehicles, real estate, guns, and anything else of real value.  Do not get hung

They are not just her kids

Parenting is hard.  It is even harder when a couple breaks up.  Whether it is a friendly breakup or an all out civil war, crafting the custodial arrangement requires a balancing of parental rights with the best interests of the children. Dads are not second class citizens Louisiana law treats both moms and dads with equal respect and responsibility.  Some of the misguided philosophies we hear are: “my children” versus “our children.” “they will live
Veterans Pension Benefits have been given a Cost-of-Living-Adjustment for 2019. Basic Improved Pension Rates for 2019 The Basic Improved Pension is for wartime veterans that are 65 years old or disabled. Based on the veteran’s finances, a single veteran can receive up to $1127 per month or $13,526 annually. A veteran with one dependent receives up to $1476 ($17,233 annually), and a veteran’s widow can receive up to $755 per month ($9,072 annually). Veterans Housebound
This is the fifth post in a series where we alert you to the Pitfalls of the Do It Yourself Divorce. Pitfall # 5  Thinking you are “doing the right thing.” The old saying, no good deed goes unpunished, applies to divorce.  We have heard it a million times.  Ok, thats an exaggeration, but we hear it a lot.  You don’t get representation because you just want to do the right thing by your spouse

Avoiding Medicare Scams

By far the largest types of insurance fraud are scams against government and private health care insurers. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that tens of billions of dollars are lost annually to these types of fraud. Additionally, medical identity theft is now a top complaint received by the Federal Trade Commission. Billing fraud is also responsible for huge losses to Medicare funds. How does this affect a senior on an individual level? Although scammers

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