Shelley and her team are very kind and compassionate. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She will fight for you and for what is right. We are so thankful for the work she has done to help our family! I 💯% recommend Mrs. Shelley Goff for anyone in need of a family law attorney!

SJ via facebook 3.14.2021

Add was very helpful during a difficult time. I would recommend him to anyone needing guidance with elder care law.

5 of 5 Stars. AM 12.30.2020

5 of 5 Stars. [Family Law] CS 11.30.2020

It was really wonderful to work with Add and Goff and Goff Attorneys on a recent succession for my family. Add and staff are knowledgeable, accessible and attentive to detail. They keep you informed throughout the process of the case. They are thorough, dependable and considerate. Goff and Goff has the perfect combination of expertise, professionalism and personal attention. I would completely rely on Goff and Goff for any and all legal needs including family, veterans’ issues and property transactions.

5 of 5 Stars. LB 11.5.2020

5 of 5 Stars. RZ [Family law litigation] 3.8.2021

I highly recommend Add Goff. He is very knowledgeable in elder law and estate planning. His staff is great to work with as well.

SD 11.3.2020

Excellent Attorney. Willing to work very hard and trustworthy as well. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

JL 10.22.2020

Incredible attorney. Very helpful and got me the best possible outcome.

5 of 5 stars. SA 10.7.2020

A close friend recommended I talk to Goff and Goff Attorneys because of their upstanding reputation in the area. I was impressed with the amount of professionalism and integrity their team incorporates into their work. Mr. Goff provided me with exceptional legal counsel and was both knowledgeable and vigilant in representing my affairs. 10/10 would recommend!

5 of 5 stars. LS 7.17.2020

[Elder Law Long Term Care Planning] When my mother became ill and was unable to live alone anymore, I was going in circles trying to decide what to do. There was no financial plan. I turned to Goff and Goff. They set me up with a plan for long term care, up to and including final expenses. They were courteous, efficient and very helpful.

5 of 5 stars. LD 4.14.2020

[Elder Law Long Term Care Planning] Add was a huge help to my Dad & me! We are from Ruston; and, Dad has La Tech retirement. We had some pressing questions regarding the care of my Mom – since they now live in Oklahoma. She has Alzheimer’s and it is close to the time for her to need other care options. Add was very timely in answering questions, making suggestions, and recommending a great Elder Care Attorney in OK. His information really gave my Dad hope and helped him start moving forward. Thanks Goff & Goff!

5 of 5 stars. PHM 7.14.2020

Outstanding firm. Extraordinary reputation for providing quality care and relationships with their clients and the courts . Goff and Goff, Attorneys at law have maintained the long standing traditions of their firm in Ruston, Louisiana, nationally and throughout the world. Personally, I greatly admire the professionalism, integrity and dedication of these counselors. I highly recommend them as advocates.

ST from FB. 4.14.2020

5 of 5 stars. 6.23.2020

[Elder Law and Nursing Home / Medicaid Planning] I had been struggling with some questions concerning my mom and her house for a few months. I had talked to people, social workers…lawyers…friends and family and no one could give me any concrete answers. I was searching for someone that might be able to answer my specific questions, found Mr. Goff doing a google search and I am so thankful to him who within a few minutes was able to answer the questions that I had been struggling with. If you are looking for an elder law attorney, please give him a call, I don’t think that you will be disappointed.
5 of 5 stars. DC 10.25.18

Shelley Goff is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She was able to help us with custody of a grandson and has been there to answer many difficult questions and situations. She is highly recommended!!
5 of 5 stars. Db.C. 11.12.18

You want her on your side. Shelly and her team are diligent and systematic. As her client I found Shelly to be a great listener. She always took the extra mile to make me feel that I have a fighting chance in my divorce and lenghty custody battle.
5 of 5 stars. Anony. thru Avvo. 11.12.18

[Veteran Pension and Medicaid Planning] I and my family are very pleased with the result of our association with Goff and Goff. Their expertise in the area of elder law [and] estate planning was just what we were looking for. Their patience with me concerning my many worries and questions was very much appreciated. They really care about their clients.
5 of 5 stars. JGG 11.13.18

My case was handled very professionally and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Nicest people in the world to deal with!! Will definitely recommend you guys to every one!! And I would definitely use you again if needed!! Thank you so much!!

KJ thru FB. 2.26.2020

Professional and Personable. We hired Mrs. Goff to get custody of our grandson. He needed protection and she was clear on her approach to help us. She is highly recommended!
5 of 5 stars. Anony. thru Avvo. 11.12.18

Very knowledgeable, understanding, nice attorneys

5 of 5 stars. DR 1.22.2020

Pure Perfection!!  Mr Goff handled my case with absolute professionalism and care!! Couldn’t ask for a better attorney!! Would absolutely recommend Mr Goff and his team to anyone!! They care about you and when they say don’t worry about this anymore that’s my job they mean it!! I personally would use Mr Goff and his team again without hesitation if I needed to!! Thank you again!! You guys are awesome!!

5 of 5 stars. Anony thru Avvo. 2.26.20

Add Goff is an extremely good lawyer he was able to help me with my traffic violation. I live in Georgia and his office is in Louisiana. All I had to go on was confidence in his word and he delivered above my expectations. I highly recommend him. Thank you Mr Goff

5 of 5 stars. DT 1.12.19

Just wanted to tell you the wonderful news [about my son]…. There is no doubt in my mind that you had a positive role in [his] life.  Everything could have been so very different if it hadn’t been for your brains and caring way. [He is] doing so well, thanks again, for all you did for him.

5 of 5 stars. MB 5.11.19

I used both Shelley and Addison for various domestic issues including a divorce and legal aspects of estate management including a will. I was extremely pleased with both. Their work was consistently professional, timely, and clear. I was able to understand all my legal options as they provided including their recommendations based on their vast legal experience.
5 of 5 stars. JK 10.12.17

I recently had a situation come up that called for a competent and forceful attorney. Mr. Add Goff was recommended to me by another attorney. I subsequently hired Mr. Goff and am very pleased how he handled my situation to date and feel confident that he will be there for me in the future should the need arise.
5 of 5 stars. CM 11.12.2018

Mr. Goff personally helped me when I was facing a possible felony, his work was extremely efficient and he kept me well updated throughout the process. Mr. Goff clearly explained all of my options and advised me on everything that I should do in order to overcome the charges. I would highly recommend Goff & Goff Attorneys to anyone that is in need of legal advice. Mr. Goff managed to make a very difficult situation easier to cope with as I was well informed and knew exactly where I stood.

5 of 5 stars. AE 11.8.2018

Passion. Attorney Goff had such grace and compassion for me during a very difficult time I faced. He told me what I needed to do during one of the most emotional moments in my life. Add, Thank you for being and Man of God and a total professional. I can see why you are successful, it is your love of people. Thank you!
5 of 5 stars. GW 10.12.17

Excellent Attorney. I’m highly pleased with  Mr. Goff’s services, the diligence and expertise he provided were excellent. I would not hesitate to use him in the future. Mr. Goff handled my case personally, the diligence and expertise he provided excelled above and beyond my expectations. He took time to address any issues or concerns I had, provided guidance, and made sure I was informed of everything taking place throughout the suit. I’m highly pleased with the services.
5 of 5 stars. CS 10.3.2017

My case has been ongoing for the past 4 years with no results, until I decided on Goff & Goff Law Firm. My prayers were answered, and you accomplished in 1 year what others could not succeed in doing. I am so very grateful you accepted my case. I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks for representing.

5 of 5 stars. RA 9.28.17

Angel from God. Shelley is an Angel sent from God! We needed guidance on several church related issues, and she simply told us not to worry that everything would be ok. We went to court and her present in the court room was like nothing you have ever seen. I have never seen a more knowledgeable person than Shelley Goff. She makes you feel like family. I cannot tell you how special of a lawyer she is. Her confidence and professionalism sets her above the rest. Thank you Shelley and God Continued Blessing.
5 of 5 stars. GW 10.12.17

Very Professional – Great Experience. I engaged Shelley in a rather complex divorce and property settlement matter. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Shelley is very professional, highly effective and very much focused on what, when and how legal processes should be addressed. She listened, she understood and she offered very sound legal advice which led to a positive outcome given the circumstances. I highly recommend.
5 of 5 stars. JK 10.12.17

Great Person. I came to Goff and Goff clueless after a car accident. He and his wife were so nice and explained everything so thoroughly. He got me into the doctor the very same day which was great because I actually had a sprain that I did not know about. Add Goff is a great person and lawyer.
5 of 5 stars. VP 5.14.12

Child Custody. Ms Shelley was outstanding!!! I highly recommend her. I was seeking help with visitation and ended up getting my son completely. My life has changed completely because of Ms Shelley. She has shown me that fathers have just as much rights to their child as mothers do. This was a learning and life changing experience. Thank you Ms Shelley A. Goff.
5 of 5 stars. T 6.28.16

Excellent. I hired Ms. Goff for a name change there was some complications on my end but Ms Goff was professional, responsive and did everything I could ask for from a lawyer.
5 of 5 stars. Ab 10.12.17

I highly recommend Mr.Goff! I am 110% satisfied with my outcome.

5 of 5 stars. DM 5.1.19

A Great Lawyer. I really don’t know where to start,doing the time we hired Shelley as our laywer she has always been there,I never knew a lawyer that was always available when you called,most lawyers you have to make a appointment or wait 2 or 3 days for a call back but not Shelley,I would highly recommend her to anyone.We felt really good having her as our lawyer and also had so much trust in her,when she tell you she is going to do something.
5 of 5 stars. DM 1.9.13

Custody. I started talking to Mrs. Goff in April 2016 for custory of my child. She was very professional and thorough. The situation had the potential to be ugly but Mrs. Goff was able to help me get custody of my child in the most civil way in August 2016. I am so greatful [sic] and would highly recommend Mrs. Goff and her staff to anyone looking for a great lawyer.
5 of 5 stars. Anonymous 8.17.16

A Great Experience. Shelley was amazing she helped keep me calm. The best thing about her was she took the time to get to know me and she was very honest with me and gave me great advice that money can not pay for! I would recomment her to anyone! She was a blessing to me and will surely be to many others!!
5 of 5 stars. J 1.8.13

I used Shelley Goff for not only my divorce but also for setting up child visitation and terms. I was treated excellent and everything was done in a timely manner. Even when I had questions about other situations they were always there to help me and see that I got my answers. I would highly recommend them and will you them again if needed.
5 of 5 stars. LN 10.12.17

I am a family physician who got into trouble with the feds. Ad and Shelly helped navigate me through the legal channels and I am again a free man under a two year supervised federal release. I was able to get my medical license back less than three months after my release from a short federal sentence and am in the process of getting a job as a doctor. With my lawyers advice and help, I am now in a position to be happy again and I can’t tell you how much that means to me.
5 of 5 stars. DF 10.16.17

We were very pleased with the outcome of our adoption case with Goff and Goff Attorneys. All of our questions were answered to our satisfaction and all the bases were covered so that we didn’t have to go through the appeals process once the case was finalized. Would highly recommend!
5 of 5 stars. CJ 10.16.17

This Law firm is well Established. With that being said, the key to any Law frim is Production. This is what I can truly say as a proud cilent of this firm. They have caring hearts, & caring Hands with there cilents. Humbly submitted.

5 of 5 stars. AC 7.6.14

The Goffs are a third generation team with experience and integrity. I have trusted them with my life and would not hesitate to do it again. Highly recommended.
5 of 5 stars. DH 10.17.17

5 of 5 stars. LW 9.12.18

I have known these people for over 20 years and know them to be trustworthy, intelligent, and highly capable.
5 of 5 stars. CD 5.8.17

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