Getting an amicable resolution is generally financially and emotionally better for the parties.

For 30 years Shelley has helped people who find themselves transitioning from being married to being unmarried.  Having walked that path herself, she found herself called to help guide people through the nerve-racking, daunting and emotionally charged process of divorce.  Her mission is to help people who feel overwhelmed, confused and feeling out of control find their way to confidence with a plan and feeling back in control of their life so they can move forward.

Getting an amicable resolution is generally financially and emotionally better for the parties.  Unfortunately, there are times when only the courtroom can end the matter when the other party is acting unreasonably.   That’s why she has spent her career in the courtroom, standing alongside those are forced to go to trial because the other party has unreasonable or unfair demands that are not favorable to Shelley’s clients.

She has also won custody rights for dads, fought untrue claims of abuse- including unfounded accusations of sexual abuse of children, litigated valuation of businesses, settled and litigated complex property divisions including cases involved aircraft, boats, large collections, antiques, farms and closely held family businesses.  She has dealt with alimony concerning elderly or disabled spouses, and division of large retirement accounts.  As a business owner herself for the last 25 years who fought to preserve that business during a divorce, Shelley is equipped to handle divorce and property divisions that include family businesses and complex financial assets.

Shelley’s other practice areas include federal criminal defense and civil and criminal appeals.

A graduate of the South Dakota School of Law where she enjoyed her property, contracts and tax classes, she also holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and enjoyed accounting classes. A graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College and its intensive three-week course as well as several post graduate courses, she does not fear the courtroom, but embraces it as a necessary step when cases can’t be resolved. She has tried hundreds of cases to conclusion before judges and juries, and argued many appeals.

Shelley is involved in Lincoln Rotary, Goodwill Lunching, and active in her church, serving on committees in leadership.  She enjoys cooking, gardening and raising chickens.  She is passionate about her adopted home, Louisiana, and its coastline. She loves saltwater fishing with her husband Add.  Both are life members of Louisiana’s Coastal Conservation Association.